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  • [[Category:Ancient Rome|Numerals, Roman]]
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  • ...e=Inventors of the world|page=11|publisher=Warne|date=1962}}</ref> was a [[Ancient Greece|Greek]] [[scientist]]. He was an [[inventor]], an [[astronomer]], an ...or the "iron hand". It was used to defend the city from attacks by ships. Ancient writers said that it was a kind of [[crane (machine)|crane]] with a [[hook]
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  • ...affron crocus.<ref name= "Willard_2">{{Harvnb | Willard |2001|p=2}}.</ref> Ancient Mediterranean peoples–including perfumers in [[Egypt]], physicians in [[G ...gathering saffron Knossos Crete crocus sativus fresco.jpg|thumb|right|This ancient [[Minoan civilization|Minoan]] fresco from [[Knossos]], [[Crete]] shows a m
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  • ===Ancient to early modern history=== ...3/ ''Dimetrodon'' is not a dinosaur: using tree thinking to understand the ancient relatives of mammals and their evolution] ''Evolution: Education and Outrea
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  • ...agic mask dating to the 1st century BC or 1st century AD. See [[Theatre of ancient Greece]]. ....jpg|Tombstone, the doctor Claudius Agathemerus and his wife Myrtale, from Rome, about AD 100
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