Yitong Yin 

Yitong Yin 尹一通

Theory Group
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Nanjing University

Ph.D., Yale University (2009)
BS, Nanjing University (2003)

PO Box 603
163 Xianlin Ave.
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
China, 210023
Email: yinyt@nju.edu.cn

I am Yitong Yin (尹一通), a professor in the Theory Group in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Nanjing University.
I joined the faculty of Nanjing University in 2009.

I've been long-term visitors in:

Program committee: STOC 2024, COCOON 2023, ICDCS 2023, COCOON 2022, COCOA 2021, NCTCS 2020 (co-chair), TAMC 2017, TAMC 2016, TAMC 2015, COCOON 2014, ISAAC 2013, FAW 2012
Editorial board: 《软件学报》 (Journal of Software), 《计算机科学》 ("Computer Science" magazine)
China Computer Federation (CCF), Technical Committee on Theoretical Computer Science

Research interests

Theoretical Computer Science:


Other teaching experiences:


Recruiting: 欢迎对理论计算机科学以及计算机科学中的数学感兴趣的同学与我联系。有数理背景、或算法相关的竞赛及科研经历者优先。

Current students:

Former students and interns:


My [dblp], [Google Scholar] and [arxiv] profiles.

The co-authors of papers are listed in alphabetical order. (根据理论计算机科学惯例,论文作者按姓氏字母序)

Invited talks

A tutorial on the Beautiful Journey of Theoretical Computer Science (理论计算机科学的美丽旅程) for high schoolers.

A popular science lecture Quest for Artificial Intelligence (人工智能探秘) for elementary school students.

A popular science lecture The Magical Wild Animals (神奇的动物) for kindergarten kids.

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